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We Make it Easy to Pack and Move

When you need to move, Smartpackngo has you covered with our eco-friendly totes and supplies. We will drop off everything you need to pack, and we’ll pick everything up at your new place when you are done unpacking.

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We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting For You

Founded in 2022, Smartpackngo’s mission is to make packing and moving easier and more convenient while also keeping our planet safe. Our broader mission is to alleviate the pains of using cardboard boxes to move and other means that are not eco-friendly. We pride ourselves in our customer service, pricing, and business model. We provide stacked and sanitized moving bins and packing supplies to your door on a rental basis. When you are done with moving and unpacking, we will pick up bins from your new place. You don’t have to worry about disposing of cardboard boxes or tape. Our Bins/Totes are stackable up to 20 ft, durable, come with lids, and weigh about 8 lbs. when empty. All of our bins and supplies are made from recyclable and environmentally-friendly materials.


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